Lemon Roll

Our lemon Rolls are started with our sponge cake. We add lemon pie filling and top it off with either butter creme icing our whip cream. They are usually available on Friday and Saturdays. They are a favorite of mine.

Current River Bakery cakes

We start with a white sponge cake and add one or two layers of filling (custard, cherry pie filling, chocolate Pudding, lemon pie filling, raspberry or strawberry jam, and pineapple). We then ice it the cake with either buttercreme, whipping cream, chocolate icing or nutri-whip. We decorate the cake with writing as requested and with creme roses.

For diabetics we offer a no added sugar cake. Our sponge cake does have some sugar in it, we start with the sponge cake and add pineapple for filling,  pineapple juice to moisten the cake, and whipping cream with no added sugar to ice and decorate it.

Fruit Topping Cake

Our fruit topping cakes have one layer of custard filling, and under the fruit we spread lemon or jam. We arrange the fruit and then put a glaze on top. Usually we use whipping cream on the side however you can have it with nutri-whip if you wish. Writing on top of the cake is available if you wish.


At Current River Bakery we make Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, Cherry Pie, Mincemeat (Christmas Season), Pumpkin (During the Fall), and Rhubarb (During the Summer).

Our pies are all made with our pie dough rolled thinner than most so that you have more filling and less pastry.  Each pie has a total weight of about 6 ounces of crust and the rest is the fruit filling.

Our Apples pies are made with fresh and frozen apples for a perfect blend of apples with cinnamon.  A definite favorite with our regular customers.

Blueberry and Cherry pies are made with a filling with plenty of fruit.

Pumpkin Pies are made in the fall only.  Our Pumpkin pie has lots of spice in them along with evaporated milk, brown sugar and eggs.  They taste just like my Mom used to make.  I have been known to eat one pie for lunch on occasion.

Rhubarb pies made in season and with local rhubarb.  We all look forward to these pies.

Mincemeat Pies at Christmas.  It is better to order these to be sure you get one.