Meat Rolls

Our Meat Rolls are made with lean ground beef and rolled in a puff pastry. They are a nice addition to a light lunch.

We make Meat Rolls Daily.

Pastry: White flour, vegetable-oil shortening, water, salt.
Filling: Water, White Rice, lean ground beef, onion soup mix, salt, and butter.

Rice Patties

Our Rice Patties are a traditional Finnish Food that we make. It looks like a moccasin. It is made in two parts – the shell and the filling. The shell is made of dark rye and white flour and the filling is rice pudding made with milk.

There is no sugar in this. It is coated with fresh butter.
Rice patties taste good reheated in the frying pan or toaster oven. Some people like them plain while others like them with egg salad or cheese on top.


A deep fried cinnamon bun covered in icing and jam. A tradition that is only available in Thunder Bay! Come in and try a persian for a special treat.

Long Johns

Long Johns are a popular treat, that aren’t too sweet! Between our yummy deep fried pastries is a crème filling that is enjoyed by all.