We make the following Cookies – Almond, Shortbread, Syrup (Cinnamon), M&Ms, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, S Cookies, Everything Cookie, and Danish Cookies.

Almond Cookies are similar to a shortbread but with the almond taste and almonds on the edge.

Shortbread Cookies are piped in a star with red jelly in the center. These also have been a favourite since the Bakery opened.

Syrup Cookies are made with a recipe my Mother-in-law made in Finland when her kids were small. A favourite then and now. They are a rolled cookie that is crispy. The resemble a gingersnap but contain only cinnamon and cloves.

M&M’s (or smarties) cookies are the same as the chocolate chip cookies except that m&ms (& or Smarties) are added to them

Chocolate Chip Cookies are sweeter than our other cookies – quite popular among the younger people.

Oatmeal Cookies come plain, with chocolate chips or raisins. These are a crispy longtime favourite for lots of people.

S-Cookies are my personal favourite. They are somewhat crispy, not sweet, made with butter and just a little cinnamon. Perfect for coffee break.

Everything Cookies are a semi-hard crispier cookie. They are not too sweet and just like home made.

Danish Cookies are made from puff pastry and rolled in sugar. They are baked to a crispy finish.