Finnish Coffee Breads

Current River Bakery Coffee Bread is made with the finest ingredients.
All our Coffee Bread contains: White flour, Water, Sugar, Fresh Whole Eggs, Yeast, Butter, Vegetable Oil Shortening, Sweet Buttermilk Powder, Salt, & Cardamom.

The Plain Coffee Bread has only the above ingredients.
The Raisin or Regular Coffee Bread contains raisins in addition to the above.
The Special is 8 oz heavier and contains additional butter, sugar, cardamom and raisins. Sliced almonds are on top.
The Large Ring contains the same ingredients as the Special Coffee Bread.
Sliced almonds are on top.
The Danish Coffee Bread is made from different dough than the rest of the coffee bread. It contains white flour, water, fresh whole eggs, 100% vegetable oil margarine, yeast, sweet buttermilk powder, butter, raspberry-apple jam, lemon pie filler, salt, and cardamom.