Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast is made from a special baked bread. This has always been popular with the Finns. We also make cinnamon toast from sliced coffee bread.

Loaf Breads

We currently are selling the following:
White, 60% Whole wheat, 100% Whole wheat, Multigrain, Sour Rye loaves (by order), Esto rye (baked Tuesday and Thursdays).  These loaves are 24 ounces each.

Raisin bread (Baked Fridays only) (16 ounces each)

Also available from our freezer section is our spelt/ flax seed bread. (24 oz.)  This is by far the best spelt bread I have ever tasted.  It is made with whole and light spelt flour, water, ground flax seed, eggs, honey, olive oil, yeast, and sea salt.  This bread is available with or without raisins.

Sour Rye bread and Graham bread are great for open face sandwiches.  These breads are 20 ounces each.

Finnish Coffee Breads

Current River Bakery Coffee Bread is made with the finest ingredients.
All our Coffee Bread contains: White flour, Water, Sugar, Fresh Whole Eggs, Yeast, Butter, Vegetable Oil Shortening, Sweet Buttermilk Powder, Salt, & Cardamom.

The Plain Coffee Bread has only the above ingredients.
The Raisin or Regular Coffee Bread contains raisins in addition to the above.
The Special is 8 oz heavier and contains additional butter, sugar, cardamom and raisins. Sliced almonds are on top.
The Large Ring contains the same ingredients as the Special Coffee Bread.
Sliced almonds are on top.
The Danish Coffee Bread is made from different dough than the rest of the coffee bread. It contains white flour, water, fresh whole eggs, 100% vegetable oil margarine, yeast, sweet buttermilk powder, butter, raspberry-apple jam, lemon pie filler, salt, and cardamom.

Rye Breads

We use local Dark Rye flour from Brule Creek Farms
All of our Sour Rye Breads are started with the Sour Starter which we make here at Current River Bakery.
Our breads DO NOT contain added gluten.

The Evas bread, Flat Sour Rye and Old Country do not have any added fat. These breads were all made in Finland

Old Country (the round loaf) is a heavier sour dough bread with a fine texture.  A great addition to supper.

Flat Sour Rye is the one with the hole in the center.  Again it is a sour dough but has less flour in it creating a bread with coarser texture.

Evas Bread is increasing in popularity all the time.  This bread is single serving size about 3 ½ “in diameter. They are sold in sixes.  They are a sour dough bread made almost all from dark rye and the sour starter. t  They have no added fat and not much salt. A very healthy bread to eat.