Rye Breads

All of our Sour Rye Breads are started with the Sour Starter which we make here at Current River Bakery.
Our breads DO NOT contain added gluten.

Long or Loaf style Sour Rye – This is our lightest of the rye breads.  It is usually sliced but can be ordered unsliced.  This bread is excellent for sandwiches.

All of our rye breads pair well with salt fish.

The Evas bread, and Old Country do not have any added fat. These breads are of Finnish origin and are a heartier bread.

Old Country (the round loaf) is a heavier sour dough bread with a fine texture.  A great addition to supper.

Evas Bread looks like hockey pucks.  This bread is single serving size about 3 ½ “in diameter sold in sixes.  They are a sour dough bread made with dark rye flour, sour starter, bread flour, sugar and salt.   They have no added fat.  A very healthy bread to eat.